MIP ArTeC 2019-2020

3IA : Immersive Improvisation in Interactive Arts
Making of MIP ArTeC at NTHU Taiwan


Delocalized Laboratory Workshop at National Tsing Hua University in collaboration with Paris 8 University. Workshop supervised by Chu-Yin CHEN, Jean-François JEGO & Remy SOHIER.

Produced with the College of Arts at and the PIMs program of the National Tsing-Hua University, Taiwan in the context of the EUR-ArTeC MIP Workshop in collaboration with the Arts & Technologies de l’Image Department and the INREV-AIAC laboratory of the University Paris 8, France.

We gratefully acknowledge the Arts Center Tsing Hua.


MIP ArTeC - Artwork : sharky shARky

Hyun Ah Jung, Laura Lassus-Pigat, Linda Liou, Yinan Sheng

Augmented Reality Installation, tablet, mixed materials, video projection



MIP ArTeC - Artwork : I Don’t Know Nature

Gnoumagbée Camara, Wen-Chih Chen, Yi Ting Ho, Pierre Lepercq, Axel Mounier, Munus Shih

Interactive Installation, plants, mixed materials, video projection



MIP ArTeC - Artwork : Distorted Wonderglitch

Aurélien Duval, Jing-Yuan Huang, Chih-Wei Liao, Dora Lin, Ugo Pignon, Ieva Kotryna Skirmantaite

Collaborative Virtual Reality Installation, MIDI controller, video projection


MIP ArTeC - Artwork : Look at me

Ya-Kuei Chang, Ella Gouët, Mourad Hammadache, Hui-Ting Hong, Jui-Wei Huang, Ping-Ju Huang

Augmented Reality Performance, chairs, 3D camera, video projection - 2 minutes