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The research team Digital Images and Virtual Reality (INREV) is one of the three sub-teams of the Laboratory Arts and Contemporary Art (AIAC), component of the Doctoral School “Aesthetics, Arts and Sciences” (EDESTA) from Paris 8 University.
Mixing a double artistic and technological practice, the members of the INREV team are teachers-researchers-artists in digital art. Works of the team is the result of the development of research-creations (artistic, technical and aesthetic) for more than 35 years. One of the specificity of the INREV team is its ability to develop its own software for the creation and production of CG films and interactive installations for research and experimentation.
Between theory and practice, artistic and scientific experiments, the team articulates its research around new experiences and perspectives made possible by the emergence of devices designed for digital arts and interactive scenographies. Research topics are also related to different scientific, cultural and social-economic fields.
Our research projects are supported by :
  • the technical specificity of digital in 3D animation and in virtual/augmented/mixed reality (simulation, interactivity, generativity, immersion, etc.),
  • art-science concepts (science, neuroscience, complexity, emergence, enaction, etc.) in the sense of autonomy of the virtual (artificial intelligence, artificial life) which conducts to new creation forms and to explore new aesthetics,
  • the original methodology of elicitation (through the explicitation interview or mindfulness) allowing access to the intuitive and subjective experience that occurs during the creation/conception or perception/reception phases of an artwork.

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